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Posted on: September 12, 2008 12:08 am

The hap-less Oakland Raiders

           I'd like to start my first blog on a little bit of a sad note.  The Oakland Raiders.  Really I almost feel stupid for feeling bad for Raiders fans, being a Denver Broncos fan myself, but wow, it's not even fun ribbing them anymore.  I was trying to tell a Raiders fan who works with me that the Raiders are like the university teams that MLB teams play before spring training just to warm up for spring games.  To my surprise, the guy didn't even flinch.  He kind of just looked at me, sad-eyed and beaten and asked me if I thought he would disagree?  Since the 2002 Super Bowl, the "Committment to Excellence" has become the "Committment to getting top draft choices".  It all fine and good when you draft big armed quarterbacks, or top speed running backs, but it's still not going to turn anything around if the offensive line is swiss cheese.  On Monday, every snap JaMarcus Russell took on offense was a jail-break for the Broncos defense, and we're talking about a very mediocre defense at best.  On the few snaps where Russell did seem to have a little time to drop back and make a read, he looked like he could be a pretty good QB in the future.  But if Denver gave the Raiders OL any trouble, I can't imagine what the rest of the league is going to do the Raiders.  I can think of at least a couple of number 1 overall drafted QB's who spent their first season or two on their backs, and where they are now... it's not looking good for old JaMarcus.  If you're not sure what I mean, see David Carr, Tim Couch, or Alex Smith.

             Anyway, I figure I've wasted enough time now and am going to sign off, but before I do I just want to leave you with one thing... To all of us non-Raider fans out there, please, if you've read this blog, be nice to your friend who foolishly roots for the Raiders, because he like the rest of Raider-nation are in for another tough year, another high draft pick, and another year of watching wrinkled old Al (I no longer like Lane Kiffin) Davis confuse football with babysitting.  Until next time...


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