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Posted on: November 20, 2008 3:11 am

Who is going to beat Lesnar?

Well it's been a long time since I added any thoughts to this site so I figured I'd talk tonight about the thing that took up most of my sports conversations for the last 3 months or so...  Brock Lesnar vs Randy Couture

I first want to admit, when Couture first announced that he was coming back to the UFC on a three fight contract, and his first of the three fights was going to be against Lesnar, I thought, "awesome, Couture will teach this cocky S.O.B. a lesson!".  As you might have figured, after watching Lesnar completely dominate Heath "the Texas Crazy Horse" Herring and then the big "You see me now!" outburst, I am not one of Lesnar's biggest fans.  But the more I read about what the two fighters were doing and how they matched up, I started asking myself and others, "How can Couture beat Lesnar?".  It just seemed like all the things that Couture had going for him when fighting a heavyweight, were the same things Lesnar had going for him as a heavyweight such as their wrestling backgrounds and their quickness.  So Couture is the more experienced fighter and is a master game planner; Brock Lesnar we knew, was going to over power him with strength and size.  It just didn't seem like the right recipe for Couture.  I suppose this is all easy to say after the fact but weighing all these factors, I decided to make a couple of friendly wagers with some friends I had over to watch the fight that night.  Me, an admitted Lesnar hater, made an actual bet on him.  I don't think in all of my years of "friendly wagers" have I ever cheered against myself so vigorously.  It was the perfect Rocky IV set up.  The massive man against the puny fan favorite (I know in the movie Rocky was the hated one, but I'm talking OUR fan favorite).  Watching them stand in the middle of the ring getting instructions, I was completely ready for the old ref from the Rocky movies, Lou Filipo, to come out and give his "I want no low blows, rabid punches, or kidney punches.  In case of a knock down you go to your corner and wait for my instruction."  Then the fight started.  Couture didn't look too out matched in the first round, and in the second when Couture hits Lesnar with a couple of early punches and cut him, I literally jumped to my feet!!  This was actually going to happen!! Rocky was going to win for real!! Unfortunately I was still on my feet when Lesnar through the, what looked to me as a lazy overhand right hook, and BAM!  As excited for this fight as I was for three months, I must say I was just as disappointed with the finish.  The result, it was not great, but I could have handled it if had of been a great finish.  I guess they said that Couture got hit in the temple or somewhere around there that warranted him being knocked down, but really, that was it?  No punching someone into a somersault, no hidden submission?  Just a seemingly perfectly placed punch!  Well I guess not all was lost... I did cash in on my bets that night, thanks guys!!!

And now to the question that prompted me to write this blog. Is there a heavyweight out there right now who can beat Lesnar?  Is there anyone who might be able to do it in the forseeable future?  Although he did try and show some class after the fight with Couture, I hope that there is someone who can beat him, because I just plain don't like him.  But as far as this average fan can see, Brock Lesnar may be the UFC's Heavyweight Champion for a long time.

Well, now that I have written what seems to be a blog just for my-rambling-old-self, and sounded off on thing I was most looking forward to in the UFC for the past 3 months, I guess I will end here.  If you took the time to read this, hopefully you enjoyed it, and I will be back!!!

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